About this site

Geodata.govt.nz is a catalogue of New Zealand's geo-referenced information resources.

Geo-referenced information is information that includes reference to a place on, about, or below the Earth's surface.

Geodata.govt.nz has been developed by the New Zealand Geospatial Office and the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI).

Geodata.govt.nz is a core part of New Zealand's developing national spatial data infrastructure. Being able to find geospatial information is also a key part of the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy.

Geodata.govt.nz also supports other government priorities to improve public access to data and information held by government, including MSI's e-research and data management.

You can also use geodata.govt.nz to list and/or describe any data or other resources you or your organisation may hold. Use geodata.govt.nz to find and/or describe any data or other resources you hold.

Geodata.govt.nz will continue to be developed based on your feedback.

For more information about the software behind geodata.govt.nz see the section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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