12 Mile Territorial Sea Limit Basepoints

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New Zealand Territorial Seas

The territorial sea is the belt of sea adjacent to the coast out to a distance of 12 nautical miles from prescribed baselines over which New Zealand, as the coastal state, has the same rights of sovereignty that it exercises over its land territory subject to the right of innocent passage (and transit passage through any straits used for international navigation) of ships of other states. 'Innocent passage' excludes fishing activities.

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North: -29.230838889, West: 165.868611111, East: -175.818333333, South: -52.621666667
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Organisation: LINZ - Land Information New Zealand
Position: National Hydrographer
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The hydrographic data available through the LINZ Data Service is based on official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) published by the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority. It should be noted that due to the translation process, some characteristics of the S-57 data may not convert correctly to formats downloaded from this site.
This data: does not replace official ENCs; should not be used for navigation; are not corrected for Notices to Mariners. For navigation, mariners should use official New Zealand ENCs as available from chart retailers.

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